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Mick Keane - Owner

My wife and I along with our two children made the leap to NZ from the UK in 2014.

Clare is originally from the UK and I am from Southern Ireland.

My background is in agriculture, and I have travelled the world operating, developing, servicing and repairing sprayers. Clare’s background is in government roles as well as admin/marketing for our business Sprayer Testing NZ.

Combined with my industry knowledge and my passion for sustainability I developed Sprayer Testing NZ LTD.

The only independent, GrowSafe certified Sprayer calibration company on the South Island. We use all the latest diagnostic equipment and processes from Europe to ensure we are meeting the highest standard calibration/testing in NZ.

In a typical week I will be testing/calibrating Sprayers, mostly in the viticulture industry as well as working alongside Smart Machine as an engineer and in their R&D department.

When I have free time I love spending time with my family, exploring the great outdoors everything from crazy motorbike adventures,

swimming, trekking to having a relaxing day in the sounds.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to work in an industry i am passionate about.


Our customer base includes farmers, exporters ,
farm/viticulture machinery dealers and vineyard managers.

If you are a farmer/vineyard manager a sprayer test will ensure your sprayer is working efficiently and correctly therefore applying the right chemical where it needs to be. This will reduce waste from over applying and will reduce the risk of underapplying.

If you are a machinery dealer, we can ensure that new/second hand sprayers are going to your customers in the best condition. This will help customer relations as well as identifying any concerns before it reaches your customer.

If you export produce, you will find many importers require proof of chemical application for supermarket traceability demands. This test will show that your sprayer is working to an optimal standard.

Hands in the Soil

Protect the environment 

Protect the people

Protect your profits 

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