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Sprayer Test/Calibration

The Sprayer Test/Calibration will take place at your location, please ensure enough room for us to work around, extend and move the sprayer.

The sprayer must be cleared of any chemicals and filled with clean, chemical-free water before the test.

Please make us aware of any unforeseen hazards in and around your location.

We check the following components of the sprayer:

  • The delivery system, which includes the tanks, lids, pump, spray controls, pipework, and hoses. This helps us find any faults affecting the spray output and quality.

  • The application system includes pressure gauges, spray lines, nozzle bodies, check valves, spray caps and tips, booms and suspension. This helps us measure and adjust the spray performance and accuracy. We can also check the spray pattern and droplet size using test paper or a transparent plastic sheet. This service can be combined with a Sprayer Test/Calibration.

Please note that a sprayer test is not the same as a WOF, which is a regular check of your vehicle’s safety and roadworthiness. We do not check the engine as part of the sprayer test. This does not replace any servicing from your local dealer.

What are the benefits of booking a Calibration/Test through us?

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Sustainability is indeed a hot topic globally. It is vital that we protect the environment by avoiding the overuse of chemicals.

Many companies now adopt a sustainability plan model, which serves as a powerful way to demonstrate commitment to environmental stewardship. By integrating sustainable practices into their operations, companies contribute to a healthier planet for current and future generations. 

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Prioritizing people’s safety is essential. Reducing chemical exposure to individuals is critical. It’s crucial to prevent chemical contamination in waterways and protect both operators and the general public in your area.

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Bottom Line

Ensuring the well-being of your crop can lead to higher yields. Additionally, using a properly calibrated sprayer can help reduce chemical costs.Ensuring the well-being of your crop can lead to higher yields. Additionally, using a properly calibrated sprayer can help reduce chemical costs.

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A positive corporate reputation attracts customers. When people trust your brand, they are more likely to choose your products or services.


Independant expert advice

With more than two decades of industry experience, we have worked extensively with various types of sprayers. Our expertise includes operating, calibrating, servicing, and repairing these essential agricultural tools. 

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Product exportation

When exporting produce, having a well-maintained sprayer is crucial. A calibration report serves as essential documentation to demonstrate adherence to the best practices.


The Sprayer

Maintaining the health of your sprayer can reduce the risk of expensive mid-season breakdowns and enhance its resale value.

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Insurance Premiums

Providing evidence of best practices can potentially lower your insurance premiums.

Paperwork we provide

  1. A copy of our test sheet

  2. A Graph showing Nozzle outputs.

  3. A Growsafe sticker for your sprayer.


Example No.1

Frequently, we encounter graphs like this—a blend of worn and optimal nozzles. At Spray Testing NZ, we take our commitment seriously: we test EVERY nozzle electronically. Unfortunately, many companies neglect this crucial step. When they do test, it’s often sporadic using a jug, which falls far short of the accuracy provided by modern technology.

Consider this scenario: A customer needs to replace only 8 out of 24 nozzles. That’s a significant cost-saving measure! 

At Sprayer Testing NZ, precision matters, and our thorough nozzle testing ensures efficient chemical application and better results for your crops.

Example No. 2

This graph reveals worn nozzles that wouldn’t be noticeable to the naked eye. Unfortunately, this sprayer has been significantly over-applying chemicals to crops. Such a costly mistake can lead to:

  • Increased Chemical Costs

  • Poor Crop Yield

  • Chemical Resistance

To test our expertise, the customer replaced just one nozzle. As expected, it showed up on the graph. As Spray-Tech Consultants, we take nozzle testing seriously—we test EVERY nozzle. Precision matters, and our thorough approach ensures optimal results for your crops.

" Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". 

Patternator Consultation with a sprayer specialist 

Sprayer Testing NZ is committed to using advanced and precise

technologies to ensure the accuracy of chemical application.

The patternator test bench is a versatile test device that measures the vertical spray distribution from the sprayers used in orchards and vineyards.

Different shapes and sizes of plants require different settings of airblast sprayers, which can vary depending on many factors.

A sprayer specialist will visit your premises and determine your sprayer needs. Then they will adjust your sprayer to target the specific area of the tree or vine.

This service can be booked together with the sprayer test. You can also change the target throughout the year as the plants grow.

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